WOHS Algebra 1 Quarter 1 Week 0 and Week 1 Plans

Week 0

Thursday 8/15:  First Day Stuff:  Pass out syllabus, contact information, etc.

Friday 8/16:  Tech Day:  create accounts for online textbook, Google Classroom, Remind, etc.

Week 1

Monday 8/19:  Chapter 1 Section 1:  Solving One Step Equations . Worksheet 1.1 Assigned  Online Daily Assignments Posted

Tuesday 8/20: Chapter 1 Section 2:  Two Step Equations . Worksheet 1.2 Assigned

Wednesday 8/21: Chapter 1 Section 2, continued.  Introduction of distributive property and combining like terms.  Worksheet 1.1 Due

Thursday 8/22: Chapter 1 Section 2, continued.  Special cases covered

Friday 8/23:  Quiz over Sections 1.1 and 1.2 . Worksheet 1.2 Due

Sunday 8/25:  Online Daily Assignments Due at Midnight

WOHS Algebra 1 Grading Policy

Just some basic info on the grading policy.

  • Grading is 60% test and 40% daily.
  • There will be a minimum of 10 daily and 3 test grades per quarter.
  • Daily grades include homework, online Daily Assignments (DA), quizzes (count double), or other in class activities
  • Tests include chapter tests, 9 weeks tests, and individual/group projects.
  • Late homework assignments will receive a maximum of 70 for one day late and 50 for two days.
  • No homework will be accepted after 2 days late.
  • The 9 weeks test grade will be used to replace a lower test grade, if necessary.

Click here to view the WOHS Math Department policies.


WOHS Algebra 1: What are online Daily Assignments (DAs)?

Throughout the week, students will be assigned Daily Assignments (DAs) as practice for the lessons covered in class.  The DAs are assigned through the online textbook webpage, bigideasmath.com.  Students will create their logins and passwords in class.  The DAs are short (8-10 questions each) and are graded on a completion/effort basis.  Students will have the option of checking their answers and reworking incorrect answers.  All DAs for the week are to be completed and submitted by Sunday at midnight.  Most DAs are assigned early in the week, giving students plenty of time for completion and to ask questions in class.  Progress on DAs can be saved, so students do not have to complete a DA in one sitting.

  • DAs are online through bigideasmath.com
  • DAs are short practice activities
  • DAs are due at midnight on Sundays
  • DAs are graded on a completion/effort basis

Welcome to Algebra 1!

Greetings, parents and students!  This blog is the absolute best way to keep in touch and in the know about my Algebra 1 class.  Lesson plans, updates, and information about assignments and tests will be posted on a a regular basis.  Please sign-up and follow this blog.

My contact information is as follows:

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I look forward to being a part of the educational journey you (or your student) are on.  Let’s do this together.