First Day Handout

This is the handout for Thursday.  We will discuss these items in class.


Algebra 1 with Mr Brown

Welcome to Algebra 1!  We will learn so much this year (and have fun doing it)!


Communication is vitally important!

Email: [email protected] (preferred form of contact)

Remind: Text @bf8gcb to 81010 (Mr. Brown’s Algebra!)

Phone: 903-291-2028 (leave a message)

Blog: (sign up for email notices)

Google Classroom:  Use code 64ftywv to join.

Get to know me:  I am a 2000 graduate of Henderson High School and a 2004 graduate of Texas A&M University.  My wife is a White Oak High School graduate and we have two kids: Avery, who is 5, and Maddox, who is 3.  I enjoy relaxing outdoor activities, as well as rooting for my Aggies, Rangers, and Roughnecks.  I have been teaching high school math for 10 years.

About this class:  Despite what you may have heard about Algebra, you have the opportunity to make it as good or bad as you wish.  The key is effort:  effort to pay attention, effort to try, effort to practice, and effort to not quit.  

Class Rules (the Four “R”s)

  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Ready
  4. Rise Up!


Daily Necessary Supplies:  spiral notebook or composition book, pencil, paper, Chromebook.  You notebook is very important.  It will keep you organized, assist you with questions, used on some quizzes, and used as a grade.


Grading:  According to department policy, a minimum of 15 daily grades and 3 major grades per grading period.  Daily grades include homework, in class activities, quizzes (double value)  and online activities.  Major grades include projects and tests.  Major grades make up 60% while daily grades make up 40% of your final grade.


Homework:  There will be out-of-class assignments on a regular basis.  That’s just the way math is.  You’ve got to practice, practice, practice.  You will have plenty of time to complete assignments if you use your time wisely.


Late work:  Not an option. All work is due by the due date, unless absent on that day.  Then, it is due on the day of your return.


Missed Work:  You are responsible for missed work according to school policy.  Days missed = days allowed to make-up.    “What did we do yesterday?” is not an option.  Check the blog, get the notes and assignments and be ready when you return from a missed day.  

Retests and corrections:  Corrections on daily assignments and quizzes can be done before or after school, or during enrichment, in my classroom with me.  The highest grade on a corrected assignment will be 70.  No retests will be given.  If a student scores higher on the nine week test, then the nine week test grade can replace the lowest of the previous test grades.

A copy of the department grading policy is attached.  You are expected to read, sign, and return by Monday, August 21.

My expectations for you is success.  You can do it.  Believe it!

“Week 1” Plans

Hello, and welcome to my Algebra 1 blog. We’ve got a lot to accomplish this school year, and we will have to work together.  Therefore, the first couple of days will be spent getting to know each other and learning classroom routines.

Thursday, August 17: meet and greet and classroom procedures

Friday, August 18: meet and greet and classroom procedures. Signed grading policy due.

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