2nd Quarter: Algebra 1 Week 1 Plans

Monday-  We will begin Chapter 4:  Writing Liner Functions.  Section 1 is writing equations in slope-intercept form.

Tuesday-  We will continue Section 1 by writing slope-intercept form equations from real-world examples.

Wednesday-  Section 2:  Writing point-slope form equations

Thursday-  We will continue Section 2 by using point-slope equations to get slope-intercept equations from real world examples.

Friday-  Quiz over Sections 4.1 and 4.2


Algebra 1 Week 9 Plans

Monday-  Test Review Day #2

Tuesday-  9 Week Test (approximately 23-25 questions, 20 multiple choice, 3-5 non multiple choice)

Wednesday-  Bonus/Catch Up Day

Thursday-  Today we will go over our 9 Week test and collect data about our progress.

Week 8 Plans

Monday-  We will start today with an introduction to Direct Variation (Section 3.6)

Tuesday-  We will continue with Direct Variation.  Today’s activity will be a gallery walk.

Wednesday-  We will discuss and practice transformations of Linear Functions (Section 3.7).

Thursday-  Today will be a graphing practice day.  We will graph all sorts of non-functions and functions in various forms.  Graphing, graphing, graphing!

Friday-  We will start a review for our 9 Week Test, which is quickly approaching.  Final test date has not been set, but will most likely be Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Algebra 1 Week 7 Plans

This week will be a really interesting week.  Our topic this week will be graphing!

Monday-  Section 3.4 We will start graphing in standard form.

Tuesday-  Graphing in standard form, continued.  Due to ACT testing, we will be relocated to the lecture hall.

Wednesday-  Standard form review and “introduction” to slope-intercept form.  Today is also a half day, so I’ll miss 7th and 8th periods.

Thursday-   Section 3.5 Graphing slope-intercept form

Friday-  Graphing slope-intercept form, continued.

Algebra 1 Week 6 Plans

This week we will start Chapter 3:  Functions.

We will cover Section 1 (Functions), Section 2 (Linear Functions), and Section 3 (Function Notation) this week.    I plan on taking my time, as the concepts of the function and this linear function in Algebra l is very important.  Thursday will be used as an extra teaching day if I am unable to complete Sections 1-3 by Wednesday.  Otherwise, I will reteach/review Sections 1-3.

Monday:  Section 1

Tuesday:  Section 2

Wednesday: Section 3

Thursday:  Finish Sections 1-3 or Reteach/Review Sections 1-3

Friday:  Sections 1-3 Quiz

Algebra 1 Week 5 Plans

We’ve got lots of things planned for this week.  Just a reminder:  I am available before school (usually 7:35-7:40 ish) and after school (usually until 4 or later, except Tuesdays).  If you need help, please come see me.


Monday 9/18:  Chapter 2 Review Stations

Station 1:  Writing Inequalities

Station 2:  Solving/Graphing Inequalities

Station 3:  More Solving and Graphing

Station 4:  Compound Inequalities

Tuesday 9/19:  Chapter 2 Test

Wednesday  9/20:  Assessment Project, Day 1

This is a follow up of Chapter 2 involving a real world application of inequalities.  I will use it as a major grade.

Thursday 9/21:  Assessment Project, Day 2

Friday 9/22:  Assessment Project Presentations and go over Tuesday’s test.


We will start fresh with Chapter 3 next week.

Week4 Lesson Plans

Monday-  Section 2.4 We will continue with our study of inequalities today by solving and graphing mulit-step inequalities.  We will get an assignment today.

Tuesday-  Section 2.4 continued  We will add to the assignment from yesterday.

Wednesday- We will grade and discuss our 2.4 homework during the first half of class.  We will take a “Screener” test during the second half.  The “screener” is a short assessment of skills and topics that all students should know before taking Algebra 1.  It is not a grade and will only be used as one piece of consideration when we plan tutorials for selected students.  All I ask is that each student does his/her best.

Thursday-  Back to inequalities.  Section 2.5 I will introduce the idea of a compound inequality and how to solve and graph them.

Friday-  Section 2.5 continued.  We will work on our 2.5 assignment.


Again, our Chapter 2 test is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19.  Topics will include writing, solving, graphing, and interpreting inequalities.

Week 3 Lesson Plans

Monday 9/5-  If you are in my class, you are in the wrong place.

Tuesday 9/6-  We will quickly go over our test from Thursday and begin Section 2.1:  Writing and Graphing Inequalities.  This lesson will include a foldable for notes and a very short homework assignment due tomorrow.

Wednesday 9/7-  Section 2.2:  Solving Inequalities using Addition and Subtraction

Thursday 9/8-  Section 2.3:  Solving Inequalities using Multiplication and Division

Friday 9/9-  Mixed Review of Sections 2.1-2.3  (If we are ready, we will take a quiz at the end of class after the review.)


Our Chapter 2 test is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 9/19.  This will be the second test of the grading period.

Variables on Both Sides Notes

Below is the link to a copy of my teaching notes for Monday’s Lesson:   Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides.  This is not a substitute for taking notes during class, however.  This is mostly an outline of what we did in class.  You will notice that the work (steps) are missing.  It is up to you to do those during class time.



Week 2 Lesson Plans

Last week, we started with singe step equations and advanced to two step equations and equations containing the distributive property and combining like terms.  This week we will continue solving equations, adding equations containing variables on both sided and rewriting formulas.  Our first test (major grade) will be this week.


Monday:  We will solve equations containing variables on both sides.  We will finish the foldable we started last week in our notebook.  We will also get a practice worksheet over this topic.

Tuesday:  We will do a mixed review of all forms of equations, as well as rewriting formulas for an individual variable.  We will finish up the worksheet from Monday.

Wednesday:  We will grade the worksheet then begin our test review stations.

Thursday:  Test #1- Solving Equations

Friday: We will go over Thursday’s test.