WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 7 Plans

Tuesday-  Apply the zero product property and factoring to solve equations in real-world situations.

Wednesday-  Factoring trinomials in the form ax²+bx + c when a≠ 1.  This is a skill that involves a very long process.  We will slowly walk through the process for the rest of the week.

Thursday- Factoring trinomials in the form ax²+bx + c when a≠ 1, continued

Friday- Factoring trinomials in the form ax²+bx + c when a≠ 1, continued

I may give a short (2 questions, maybe) assessment on Thursday and Friday at the end of class to check progress.

If your student is going to be out this week due to extracurriculars, please have them check google classroom and make arrangements to see me to get caught up.  This week’s lesson is very difficult to get caught up on by one’s self.

I am available after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

WOHS Algebra 1: Quarter 3, Week 5 Plans

Monday-  Polynomial Division (no remainders)

Tuesday-  Polynomial Division (with remainders)

Wednesday-  Extra practice due to English 1 Benchmark in the morning.

Thursday-  The Zero Product Property

Friday-  Test Review ( adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing polynomials + ZPP)


This means that our test will be on the following Monday.  I usually do not give tests on Mondays, but I am forced to make an exception this time due to events that are taking large numbers of students out of the classroom.  I could not test on Thursday due to the English Benchmark on Wednesday  and I cannot test on Friday due to several students being out for extracurricular.

If a student is out on Friday and misses the review, it will be posted in Google Classroom for them to practice.

WOHS Algebra 1: Quarter 3, Week 4

This week we will begin our study of POLYNOMIALS.  We will make a notes booklet for these lessons, so make sure you keep up with it.

Monday-  Make booklet, introduction to polynomials and how to classify them.

Tuesday-  Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Wednesday-  Multiplying Polynomials using the distributive property (FOIL) and the box method

Thursday-  Multiplying Polynomials, Day 2 with the addition of Special Cases

Friday- Polynomial Bingo

WOHS Algebra 1: Quarter 3, Week 3

This week (January 22-26) we will be back to work. Last week was unusual, but I have to give you all a lot of credit for not complaining about the Benchmark.

Our plan for the week:
Monday- Section 6.3 Exponential Functions
Tuesday- Section 6.4 Exponential Growth and Decay
Wednesday- Exponential Growth and Decay Activity
Thursday- Review 6.1-6.4: Exponent Rules, Rational Exponents, Exponential Functions, Growth/Decay
Thursday- Chapter 6 Test

One reminder: If you missed Friday, January 12, then you missed the exponent rules matching activity. This was a major grade. You will need to make arrangements before school (any day), after school (Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday) or during enrichment (any day) to make that up. This also applies to those who wish to redo the activity. THE DEADLINE IS THIS FRIDAY, JANUARY 26th!!

Algebra 1: Quarter 3, Week 2

Well, the weather has certainly forced our hand.  The original plan was to do a Benchmark review on Tuesday and spend the rest of the week taking the test.  Unfortunately, we can no longer do that.  Here’s the new plan:

Thursday- Start Benchmark

Friday- Continue, and hopefully, finish Benchmark

Monday- Finish Benchmark for all students.  Students who have finished will get an introduction to our next lesson.

I know that this seems rushed, but I feel it has to be done this way.  I want to assure all students and parents that I will take into consideration all factors when grading the test.  Honestly, I am not concerned about the “grades” on the test.  I am concerned about what the student is learning and retaining.  I only ask that my students try their best and I expect them to do so.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me ([email protected]).

Also, if you emailed me about the Google Classroom, I am still working on that.  Thanks for your patience.

WOHS Algebra 1 Parent Update

Dear Parents:

The activity we will do on Friday over exponent properties and rules will be a major grade activity.  It is a card matching activity that is more like a game than a traditional test.  I will, however, record the grade as a test.  That being said, I have multiple versions of the activity, so should your student need to improve his/her grade, they can have a second chance.  In that event, I will talk to your student individually to make the necessary arrangements, most likely before or after school sometime next week.

Also, our first Benchmark is scheduled for next Wednesday, Thursday, and, if necessary, Friday.  We will review some major topics on Tuesday.  Benchmarks are used to monitor progress and I am fully aware that the word “benchmark” strikes fear in the heart of students.  Yes, the Benchmark will be a major grade, but rest assured that I am more concerned about the information collected than the numerical grade of the test.  I will consider many factors in my grading.

Lastly, for those of you who read my previous post (thank you, by the way) and emailed me regarding joining Google Classroom, I am still working through the process.  I may not be able to add you to the class like I would a student as I had planned.  I am now looking at creating an email list that will give you updates.  I’m going to need more time on this.   Thank you for your patience.



Second Semester, Quarter 3, Week 1

Welcome to 2018!  Here are a few of my new year resolutions:

  1. . I wan to improve my communication.  To do that, I plan on using Google Classroom much more, by posting notes and assignments, as well as messages and updates.  If you are a parent and would like to join my Google Classroom, please email me with the subject “Join Google Classroom” and I will set you up.
  2. I will put forth a conscious effort to have daily assignments graded in a more quick and prompt manner.
  3. I will be starting a new points system in my classroom to encourage proper classroom etiquette.


Lesson Plans for January 8-12

This week we will be beginning the study of exponents and exponential functions.

Monday and Tuesday- Section 6.1:  Exponent Properties

Wednesday and Thursday- Section 6.2:  Radicals and Rational Exponents

Friday:  Combined activity over Sections 6.1 and 6.2

Since school has been cancelled…….


Because school has been cancelled for Thursday and Friday, we are having to make some changes on the run.

Thursday was supposed to be our 9 week test and Friday was the day to turn in our notebooks. Both were major grades.

Since both days have been cancelled, I’m not going to get either.  THE PROBLEM IS I have to have three major grades and without these, I will only have two.  I need one or the other.

Since I will be here next week, this is my proposal.  If your student has not turned in his/her notebook, please drop the notebook off in the front office sometime next week.  If your student would prefer to take the 9 week test, they can come by next week as well.  If they want to do both, I will let them.  If your student does both and has four major grades, I will drop the lowest of the four.

In the event that I do not get a third major grade for your student, I may be forced to give an incomplete or, worst case scenario, a 0 until the needed work is turned in.

Please ask your student if this applies to them.  I was able to get most notebooks from my afternoon classes, bot not my morning classes.

Things are crazy, I know, but thanks in advance for trying to help me out.

Algebra 1, Second Quarter, Week 7 Plans

Monday-  Several students were out Friday due to illness/extra curricular activities.  These students will make up the test they missed.  Students who completed the test will begin a study of systems of inequalities, via youtube and quizizz, all online.

Tuesday-  Quick systems of inequalities practice and review for our 9 week test.  Today’s review will be over Chapter 6: Systems.

Wednesday-  9 week test review, Day 2.  Our topic will be Chapter 5: Writing linear equations.

Thursday- 9 Week Test.  Remember that the 9 week test can be used to replace a lower test grade from previously in the quarter.

Friday-  Go over 9 week test and grades/semester exams.  Notebooks are due (major grade).