WOHS Algebra 1: Quarter 4, Week 4 Plans

Monday-  Go over Friday’s Quadratics test, benchmark review

Tuesday-  English 1 EOC.  Afternoon classes will get extra benchmark review

Wednesday-  Benchmark Review

Thursday-  Benchmark.  All Algebra 1 students not taking the English 2 EOC will report to the break room instead of first period.

Friday-  Prime numbers, square roots, and perfect squares practice.  We will be working with radicals on Monday.


WOHS Algebra 1: Quarter 4, Week 1

These last nine weeks will be extremely busy.  We have two chapters, a benchmark, and the EOC  scheduled for this quarter.  Students:  please check google classroom for all notes and assignments for any days you may miss.  Parents:  please remind your students to keep up with my google classroom.

Plans for March 19-23

Monday:  Teacher work day

Tuesday:  Quadratic Vocabulary Activity

Wednesday:  Quadratic Vocabulary Activity, continued.  Class discussion of vocabulary

Thursday:  UIL meet, no class

Friday:  Vocabulary Quiz, Begin Chapter 8: Graphing Quadratic Functions, Section 1

WOHS Algebra I, Quarter 3, Week 9

Monday- Make-up test, Begin Polynomial Chutes and Ladders

Tuesday- Continue Chutes and Ladders

Wednesday-Continue Chutes and Ladders

Thursday- Presentations of Games, Play Chutes and Ladders

Friday- Play Chutes and Ladders

What is Polynomial Chutes and Ladders?  Each group will have to create a version of chutes and ladders by creating question cards over the polynomials and polynomial operations we have been studying these last few weeks.  Answer the question correctly, you get to spin and advance.  Miss the question and you miss your turn.  First one to the top wins!

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 8

We are completing our study of factoring this week.

Monday- Special Factoring Cases: Difference of Squares and Perfect Square Trinomials

Tuesday-  Putting it all together:  Factoring Completely

Wednesday- Early Release:  Begin review for 9 Week Test (Adding/Subtracting/Multiplying/Dividing Polynomials)

Thursday:  Factoring Review

Friday- 9 Week Test and Turn inPolynomial Booklet


I know that things are really picking up and that students are very busy and many are missing class due to extra curricular activities.  I am available after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to reteach missed lessons or provide extra support.  Please talk to your student about attending these after school sessions.

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 7 Plans

Tuesday-  Apply the zero product property and factoring to solve equations in real-world situations.

Wednesday-  Factoring trinomials in the form ax²+bx + c when a≠ 1.  This is a skill that involves a very long process.  We will slowly walk through the process for the rest of the week.

Thursday- Factoring trinomials in the form ax²+bx + c when a≠ 1, continued

Friday- Factoring trinomials in the form ax²+bx + c when a≠ 1, continued

I may give a short (2 questions, maybe) assessment on Thursday and Friday at the end of class to check progress.

If your student is going to be out this week due to extracurriculars, please have them check google classroom and make arrangements to see me to get caught up.  This week’s lesson is very difficult to get caught up on by one’s self.

I am available after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

WOHS Algebra 1: Quarter 3, Week 5 Plans

Monday-  Polynomial Division (no remainders)

Tuesday-  Polynomial Division (with remainders)

Wednesday-  Extra practice due to English 1 Benchmark in the morning.

Thursday-  The Zero Product Property

Friday-  Test Review ( adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing polynomials + ZPP)


This means that our test will be on the following Monday.  I usually do not give tests on Mondays, but I am forced to make an exception this time due to events that are taking large numbers of students out of the classroom.  I could not test on Thursday due to the English Benchmark on Wednesday  and I cannot test on Friday due to several students being out for extracurricular.

If a student is out on Friday and misses the review, it will be posted in Google Classroom for them to practice.