WOHS Algebra 1 Quarter 1 Week 1 Lesson Plans


WS– Homework worksheet passed out

WS Due–  Homework worksheet from earlier in the week is due at beginning of class

DA–  Online daily activity assigned;  due at beginning of next class period


Main objective of week:  to solve equations involving multiple steps

Monday 8/20- Section 1.1 Solving simple equations.  DA, WS 1.1/1.2

Tuesday 8/21- Section 1.2 Solving multi-step equations (two step equations focus) DA

Wednesday 8/22- Section 1.2, continued (distribution, combining terms focus) DA

Thursday 8/23-  Section 1.2, continued (putting it all together, special cases)

Friday 8/24 . Quiz; WS Due

Freshman Orientation

What a great way to get to meet all those who showed up today for freshman orientation.  We braved the heat and survived!

If you missed freshman orientation, fear not! We will cover most of material again tomorrow.

Here were the main points:

  1.  Algebra will become what you make it.  If you make it hard, it will be hard.  If you make it fun, it will be fun.
  2. You do not need to go out an purchase a fancy calculator.  We have a class set and access to online calculators.
  3. Supplies are basically something to write with (pencil) and two of something to write on (spiral or composition book).  I will let you know of any other supplies you will need when we get closer to needing them.
  4. Get involved in an extra curricular activity for three reasons:   you’ll make friends, you won’t be bored, and your academics will benefit.

See y’all tomorrow, Class of ’22!

Math Department Policies (2018-2019)

Math Department Policies:

  1. A minimum of 3 major grades and 15 daily grades will be given per grading period.
  2. Tests will be taken within the class period. Exceptions for those students with accommodations. Questions left unanswered are counted as incorrect.
  1. If a student is absent on test day, they will take the test on the day of their return. If astudent is absent on the day of the review, they will take the test as scheduled.
  1. At the end of each grading period, a cumulative test will be given to all students.
  2. For regular math courses, the cumulative test grade will replace a lower test grade received during the current grading period. b. For PreAP math courses, the cumulative test grade will be used as a test grade and it will also be used to replace the lowest test grade in the corresponding grading period. If the cumulative test is the lowest test grade, it will be counted as a single test grade. If the cumulative test replaces a lower test grade, it will be counted as two test grades.
  1. 3 to 5 days will be allowed from the due date for grades to be posted on Skyward.  Projects will be allowed more time.
  1. The math department follows the WOHS policy for absences and make-up work: the number of days out is how many days the student has to return the work that was assigned. IF the student is absent for extracurricular activities, the school policy states that the work is due on the day of their return. Therefore, it is expected that the student will get their assignment/notes prior to their event, or check their teacher’s blog to get the assignment/notes. It is the student’s responsibility to get with the teacher asap to ask their questions about the material taught.
  2. Late work is not accepted beyond the assigned due date and will be recorded in Skyward as a zero. By nature, math is a cumulative course. The curriculum builds on prior skills, daily. If students are not doing their assignments, they will not be successful in any math course. Exceptions are made pending circumstances.




Techy Stuff for Mr. Brown’s Algebra 1

Welcome! We will use all of the applications listed below. You will need to sign up for or download each of these if you have not already. It is important that when you use these apps, you sign up with your REAL NAME. Nicknames or other screen names will not help me or you.

1. Remind: Text @bg6fhd to 81010 or enter the code at Remind.com
2. Google Classroom: Each class will be a class specific code.
3. Kahoot!: You can download the app to your Chromebook or bookmark KAHOOT.IT
4. Desmos: You can download this calculator app to your Chromebook or bookmark DESMOS.COM
5. Quizizz: You can download this app to your Chromebook or bookmark QUIZIZZ.COM. Often times I will provide a direct link to this app, but it can’t be a bad thing to have it download as backup.

and last but not least….

6. Big Ideas Math: This is your online textbook and assignment portal. You will be given an access code specific to your class. You can download the app to your Chromebook or bookmark BIGIDEASMATH.COM. There will be online assignments given through this app, as well as a variety of resources to help you on your way, including an interactive text book with video and audio support.

and certainly don’t forget to sign up my blog BROWNJ.WONECKS.NET

WOHS Algebra 1: Quarter 4, Week 4 Plans

Monday-  Go over Friday’s Quadratics test, benchmark review

Tuesday-  English 1 EOC.  Afternoon classes will get extra benchmark review

Wednesday-  Benchmark Review

Thursday-  Benchmark.  All Algebra 1 students not taking the English 2 EOC will report to the break room instead of first period.

Friday-  Prime numbers, square roots, and perfect squares practice.  We will be working with radicals on Monday.


WOHS Algebra 1: Quarter 4, Week 1

These last nine weeks will be extremely busy.  We have two chapters, a benchmark, and the EOC  scheduled for this quarter.  Students:  please check google classroom for all notes and assignments for any days you may miss.  Parents:  please remind your students to keep up with my google classroom.

Plans for March 19-23

Monday:  Teacher work day

Tuesday:  Quadratic Vocabulary Activity

Wednesday:  Quadratic Vocabulary Activity, continued.  Class discussion of vocabulary

Thursday:  UIL meet, no class

Friday:  Vocabulary Quiz, Begin Chapter 8: Graphing Quadratic Functions, Section 1