WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 9 Plans

Monday, 3/1:  Section 8.3:  Graphing y=ax²+bx+c

Tuesday, 3/2:  9 Week Test Review

Wednesday, 3/3:  9 Week Test. Topics include:  adding/subtracting/multiplying polynomials, factoring polynomials, graphing quadratics (transformations and vocabulary)

Thursday, 3/4:  Section 8.3, Continued

Friday, 3/5:  Section 8.4:  Graphing Vertex Form

WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 5 Plans

Monday, 2/1:  Factoring Trinomials with a=/= 1 Continued (page 15 in Factoring Booklet)

Tuesday, 2/2:  Quiz! Topics:  Zero Product Property, Factoring Trinomials with a=1 and a=/=1

Also, 2/2:  Zero Product Property Assignment (page 3) due, Factoring (page 15) due

Wednesday, 2/3:  Special Factoring Situations notes (page 21/22)/ in class practice

Thursday, 2/4:  Factoring Completely notes/practice (pages 23/24) #1-7 assigned

Friday, 2/5:  Skills review day (early test review)

Notes:  Our factoring test is next Tuesday 2/9.  The Factoring Booklet (a major grade) is due on 2/10.  Please make sure all notes/example/assignments/work in the booklet is completed.  If you are missing any notes, please check google classroom for completed examples you can copy.

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 3 Plans

Monday, 1/18-  School Holiday

Tuesday, 1/19- Section 7.5:  Finding the Greatest Common Factor of a Polynomial

Wednesday, 1/20-  Section 7.5, continued:  Solving Equations in Factored Form Using the Zero Product Property

Thursday, 1/20-  TEST Sections 7.1-7.5:  Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, GCF, and Zero Product Property

Friday, 1/21-  Skills Review:  Solving One and Two Step Equations

WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 2, Week 5

Monday, 11/9:  Section 5.4- Special Case Systems (Big Ideas Math Assigned)

Tuesday, 11/10:  Systems Word Problems (Worksheet Assigned). (BIM Due 4 p.m.)

Wednesday, 11/11:  Systems Test Review (BIM Review Assigned)

Thursday, 11/12:  Systems Test (Word problems worksheet due) (BIM Review due 4 p.m)

Friday, 11/13:  Section 5.5- Solving Equations by Graphing (In class practice)

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 2, Week 2 Plans

Tuesday, 10/20:  Section 4.4- Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Wednesday, 10/21:  Writing Equations Mixed Review

Thursday, 10/22:  Chapter 4 Test Review

Friday, 10/23:  Chapter 4 Test


Test topic include:  transformations of linear functions, writing y=mx+b, writing point-slope equations, writing standard form equations, writing equations of parallel and perpendicular lines, finding slopes and y-intercepts

WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 2, Week 1 Plans

Monday, 10/12:  Section 4.2- Writing Equations in Slope/Intercept Form

Tuesday, 10/13:  Section 4.2 continued, with a focus on converting point-slope into slope-intercept

Wednesday, 10/14:  Quiz, Sections 4.1 and 4.2

Thursday, 10/15:  Section 4.3- Writing Equations in Standard Form

Friday, 10/16:  Mixed Review:  Writing Equations in various forms