WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 1, Week 9 Plans

Monday-  Section 3.7:  Transformations of the linear parent function

Tuesday- 9 week test review (Chapters 1-3)

Wednesday-  9 week test

Thursday-  Calculator Practice

Friday-  No school for students, Teacher inservice

Just a reminder about our 9 week test:  The nine week test, of course, is a major test grade.  However, it can also be used to drop a lower test grade.  If the 9 week test grade is higher than a previous test grade, the lowest grade will be replaced with the higher 9 week test grade.  In effect, the higher grade will be used twice, while the lowest grade will be removed.  A good 9 week test grade can greatly help an overall average.

I’ll be available after school Monday and Tuesday afternoons to any extra help a student may need.

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 1, Week 7 Plans

We are continuing with Chapter 3.

Monday-  Section 3.4:  Standard Form (focus on x and y-intercepts) DA, WS#1

Tuesday- Section 3.4, continued (focus on graphing using intercepts) DA, Add to WS#1

Wednesday- Section 3.5:  Slope Intercept Form (focus on finding slope)DA, WS#1 Due, WS #2 Assigned

Thursday- Section 3.5, continued (focus on graphing y=mx+b), DA, WS #2 continued

Friday-  Mixed Review 3.4 and 3.5, WS #2 Due

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 1, Week 6 Plans

This week we will begin Chapter 3:  Graphing Linear Functions

Monday-  Section 3.1:  Functions DA, WS 3.1/3.2 Assigned

Tuesday- Section 3.2:  Linear Functions DA, WS 3.1/3.2 continued

Wednesday-  Early Dismissal, Section 3.2 Continued, WS 3.1/3.2 Continued

Thursday-  Section 3.3:  Function Notation, DA,  WS 3.1/3.2 Due, WS 3.3 Assigned

Friday-  Complete WS 3.2, Quiz #4

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 1, Week 5 Plans

Monday, 9/17- Chapter 2 Test Review

Tuesday, 9/18-  Chapter 2 Test

Wednesday, 9/19-  Begin Equations/Inequalities Group Project

Thursday, 9/20- Continue Group Project

Friday, 9/21-  Present Group Projects


The Group Project is a real-world based situation that each group will have to analyze, solve, and present to the class.  Students will receive daily grades for work, as well as an overall major grade.

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 1, Week 4 Plans

This week we will add to what we started last week with inequalities.

Monday-  Section 2.4 (Multi-Step Inequalities) Begin Inequalities Pyramid, DA

Tuesday-  Continue Pyramid, DA

Wednesday-  Finish Pyramid (Enrichment activity for any students who finish early) DA

Thursday-  Section 2.5 (Compound Inequalities), DA

Friday-  Section 2.5 continued, Quiz


Preview for next week:  Monday is a Chapter 2 Test Review.  Tuesday will be our Chapter 2 Test.


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WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 1, Week 3 Plans

Tuesday  9/4- Begin Chapter 2:  Solving Linear Inequalities, Section 2.1:  Writing and Graphing Inequalities  DA, WS

Wednesday 9/5-  Section 2.2:  Solving Using Addition and Subtraction DA

Thursday 9/6-  Section 2.3:  Solving Using Multiplication and Division DA

Friday 9/7:  Quiz over Sections 2.1-2.3 WS Due (Grade in class)


Chapter 1 Tests will be graded and in Skyward by Wednesday morning.

WOHS Algebra 1 Chapter 1 Test Update

Our Chapter 1 test is scheduled for Thursday.

I have created an OPTIONAL online test review on our textbook website (bigideasmath.com). All students are familiar with login/password for this site.  I have allowed unlimited answer checks, so you can work and practice until you get a correct answer. This is not for a grade. It is just for practice, but it will help prepare your for your test. It will open at the end of your class period on Wednesday.

I am staying after school tomorrow for extra practice.

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 1, Week 2 Lesson Plans

We had a great week last week solving equations and hope to continue that momentum this week.   Please note that our first test is scheduled this week.  I am available after school every day this week for any needed review/tutoring.

Monday-  Section 1.3:  Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides . WS, DA

Tuesday- Section 1.3, continued. DA (Today’s DA will be a handout due to website maintenance.)

Wednesday- Test Review, WS Due

Thursday-  Chapter 1 Test:  Solving Multi-Step Equations (DA assigned for completion after test)

Friday- Enrichment:  Getting y=:  Solving Literal Equations

WOHS Algebra 1 Quarter 1 Week 1 Lesson Plans


WS– Homework worksheet passed out

WS Due–  Homework worksheet from earlier in the week is due at beginning of class

DA–  Online daily activity assigned;  due at beginning of next class period


Main objective of week:  to solve equations involving multiple steps

Monday 8/20- Section 1.1 Solving simple equations.  DA, WS 1.1/1.2

Tuesday 8/21- Section 1.2 Solving multi-step equations (two step equations focus) DA

Wednesday 8/22- Section 1.2, continued (distribution, combining terms focus) DA

Thursday 8/23-  Section 1.2, continued (putting it all together, special cases)

Friday 8/24 . Quiz; WS Due