WOHS, Algebra 1: Plans for rest of semester

We have reached the point of focus and review for our EOC on May 4th.  Everything we do will revolve on preparation for the EOC.

9th Grade Classes:  We will be doing stations each week Monday-Thursday, and taking a major quiz on Fridays over the materials covered in our stations.  Each station will have practice that will be submitted for grading and the three quizzes will be combined into a major test grade.  The topics for each station will be based off of benchmark data and may vary from class to class, depending on need.

Week 1:

Tuesday, 4/11 and Wednesday, 4/12:  Teacher Station #1 and EOC Station #1 (Full class period per station)

Thursday, 4/13:  Desmos Station #1 and Practice Station #1 (1/2 class period for each).

Friday, 4/13:  Friday Check-UP Quiz #1


Week 2:

Monday, 4/17 and Tuesday, 4/18:  Teacher Station #2 and EOC Station #2 (Full class period per station)

Wednesday, 4/19 and Thursday 4/20:  Desmos Station #2 and Practice Station #2 (Full Class period per station)

Friday, 4/21:  Friday Check-UP Quiz #2


Week 3:

Monday, 4/24 and Tuesday, 4/25:  Teacher Station #3 and EOC Station #3 (full class period per station)

Wednesday, 4/26 and Thursday, 4/27:  Desmos Station #3 and Practice Station #3 (full class periods per station). * English 1 EOC is 4/26.  Will adjust calendar to accommodate.

Friday, 4/28:  Friday Check-UP Quiz #3


Week 4:

Monday, 5/1 and Tuesday 5/2: Teacher Station #4 and EOC Station #4 (full class period)

Wednesday, 5/3:  Final Review *Biology EOC is 5/3.  Will adjust calendar to accommodate.

Thursday, 5/4:  EOC DAY! HALLELUJAH!!


8th Grade Classes:

There is no need for three weeks of review for these classes.  Instead, I will go back and teach/reteach lessons that may have been rushed or skipped on account of time.  I’ll add these as I go along.  We will be taking a test in the next few weeks over this catch-up material.

Tuesday, 4/11:  Liner Transformations

Wednesday, 4/12:

Thursday, 4/13:

Friday, 4/14:



WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 4, Week 3 and 4 Plans

Monday, 3/27:  Benchmark Review (Category 1), Begin Chapter 9 Section 1:  Properties of Radicals

Tuesday, 3/28:  Benchmark Review (Category 2), Chapter 9 Section 3:  Solving Quadratic Equations Using Square Roots

Wednesday, 3/29:  Benchmark Review (Category 3), Chapter 9 Section 3, continued

Thursday, 3/30: Benchmark Review (Category 4), Chapter 9 Section 2:  Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing

Friday, 3/31: Benchmark Review (Category 5), Chapter 9 Section 3, continued

Monday, 4/ 4:  Mixed Benchmark Review, Quadratic Formula Basics

Tuesday, 4/5:  Benchmark

Wednesday, 4/6:  Quadratic Formula, continued

Thursday, 4/7: (Early Dismissal) Mixed Solving Review

8th Grade Students WILL NOT be taking the Benchmark on 4/5.  These students have already benchmarked and there is no need to do it again.  Arrangements will be made for these students to remain at the middle school on this date with an alternative assignment.  There is a possibility that the Biology benchmark on 4/6 will affect class location as well.

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 4(!), Week 1 Plans

Monday, 3/6-  Section 8.2- Graphing Equations y=ax² + c

Tuesday, 3/7- Section 8.3- Graphing Equations y=ax² +bx +c

Wednesday, 3/8-  Quiz Sections 8.1-8.3

Thursday, 3/9- Sections 8.4- Vertex Form

Friday, 3/10- Section 8.4, continued


8th Grade Schedule

Monday, 3/6-  Sections 8.1 and 8.2- Graphing y=ax² and y=ax²+b

Tuesday, 3/7- Sections 8.2, continued

Wednesday and Thursday- Benchmark testing at the middle school.  If testing is completed and student return to regular classes, we will start section 8.3.

Friday, 3/9- Section 8.3- Graphing y=ax²+bx+c

WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 9 Plans

Monday-  Review adding, subtracting, multiplying polynomials

Tuesday- Go over factoring test, review factoring

Wednesday*- 9 Week Test (this test score will be used to replace the lowest previous test grade)

Thursday*- Section 8.1- Graphing Quadratic Functions

Friday- *Section 8.1, continued

*8th grade classes:  Wednesday will be English benchmarks, Thursday will be an Algebra Benchmark, Friday will the 9WT.  I know it’s not ideal, but it is manageable.

WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 7 Plans

Monday, 2/13-  Factoring Trinomials where a =/= 1.

Tuesday, 2/14- Factoring Trinomials where a =/= 1, continued.  Big Ideas online practice assigned.   Due 2/16 at 3:45

Wednesday, 2/15 (Half Day)-  Work on Big Ideas practice

Thursday, 2/16-  Factoring Trinomials completely.

Friday, 2/17-  Factoring Trinomials completely, continued.  Quiz at end of class.

WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 4 Plans

Monday, January 23:  Chapter 6 Review:  Topics include exponent properties, exponential functions and characteristics, exponential growth/decay.  A review worksheet will be going home today.  It will be extra credit if turned in completed on Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 24:  Chapter 6 Test

Wednesday, January 25:  Begin Chapter 7 over Polynomials.  Today we will learn what a polynomial is and how to classify it.

Thursday, January 26 and Friday, January 27:  Chapter 7.1- Adding and Subtracting Polynomials.  We will have in-class practice as well as DAILY online practice.



WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 2 Plans

This week, we will begin Chapter 6 with the study of exponents and exponent rules.

Monday, January 9-  Begin 6.1 (Exponent Properties)

Tuesday, January 10- 6.1 , continued

Wednesday, January 11- 6.1, continued.  Exponent assessment, major grade activity. (Students will have an opportunity to re-try if desired)

*These three days will include short daily assignments sent home for practice.  These will be graded/discussed each day at the beginning of class.  This will be a great opportunity for several good daily grades.  At worst, it could be several zeroes.

**Due to benchmarking at the middle school, the daily assignments (and lessons/notes) will be posted online through Big Ideas Math or Google Classroom.  It is very important to check and complete these daily.  The Exponent Assessment will be on the day of your return.

Thursday, January 12-  High School:  Section 6.2 (Radicals and Rational Exponents). Middle School:  Exponent Assessment

Friday, January 13-  High School:  Section 6.2, continued.  Possible Quiz.  Middle School:  Begin Section 6.2

WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 3, Week 1 Plans

We will start this week with a review of some basic (yet very important) topics, followed by some topics we had to skip over from the first semester.

Tuesday, January 3:  Review practice for solving equations, rewriting equations into slope-intercept (y=mx+b) form, and finding slope between two point (slope formula)

Wednesday, January 4:  Quizizz assignment over review topics from Tuesday.

Thursday, January 5:  Scatterplots and lines of best fit lesson/practice

Friday, January 6:  Scatterplot activity.

WOHS, Algebra 1: Week of 12/5-9

Monday, 12/5:  Solving Systems by Elimination.  (Completion/Participation assignment sent home.  Due 12/6)

Tuesday, 12/6:  Solving Systems using the method of your choice:  Graphing or Elimination. (In class activity)

Wednesday, 12/7:  9 Week test Review* (Review will be used as a replacement grade for any missing daily assignments)

Thursday, 12/8:  9 Week Test* (This test is used to replace the previous lowest test score.)

Friday, 12/9:  Catch-Up Day or Semester Review


*Middle School students-  You have benchmarks on Wednesday and Thursday, so you will not be coming to the high school on those days.  You will report to your assigned testing room on those days.  On Wednesday (reading benchmark day), I will post the 9 week review to google classroom.  Please feel free to message me in Google Classroom or email me with any questions you may have.  On Thursday (math benchmark day), you will take the 9 week test (just at a middle school testing location) during the benchmarking time, since you have already benchmarked for me.  Friday, we’ll be back to normal.

WOHS, Algebra 1, Quarter 2, Week of 11/28-12/2

Things are about to move REALLY, REALLY FAST.  In the next three weeks, we will start a new chapter, review and take the 9 week test, and review and take semester exams.  Please encourage your student to come to tutorials before school if there is any confusion or if a lesson needs to be retaught.


Monday- Begin Chapter 5:  We will start by introducing the concept of a system of equation and learn how to write a system

Tuesday-  Section 4.1-  Solving Systems by Graphing

Wednesday- Section 4.1, continued-  Solving Systems by Graphing

Thursday- Section 4. 5 Solving Equations by Graphing (I know it’s out of order, but it fits the previous day’s lessons)

Friday- Quiz over solving systems and equations by graphing