WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 4, Week 5 Plans

This week we will start our EOC review stations.  There will be three stations this week that students will rotate through.  On Thursday, we will check and grade the station work and take a 10-12 question Review Test.

Station topics this week include:  exponent properties, quadratic properties, and exponential functions.


Monday-Wednesday:  Stations

Thursday:  Grade and Test

WOHS Algebra 1, Quarter 4, Week 4 Plans

This week is a busy week of testing for the class.  Freshmen Algebra 1 students will have two big tests:  the English 1 EOC on Tuesday, and the Algebra 1 mock EOC Benchmark on Friday.  The Algebra 1 Benchmark is modeled to match the conditions of the actual EOC, such as classroom assignments, length of test, time limit, etc.  The purpose of the Benchmark is to gather data and let students get some practice in actual conditions.  I use this data to plan the review lessons prior to the actual EOC exam in May.  All I ask from my students is for them to do their best.  I stress this to my students (and parents), as there are often negative feelings associated with Benchmarks.

Monday-  Benchmark Review:  Linear Functions

Tuesday-  English 1 EOC test

Wednesday-  Benchmark Review:  Quadratic Functions

Thursday-  Benchmark Review:  Various Topics

Friday-  Algebra 1 Mock EOC Benchmark


Next week, we will start our final preparations for the Algebra 1 EOC on May 8.

WOHS Algebra 1 Quarter 3, Week 1 Plans

Welcome to 2019!  We’ve got a lot to to this upcoming semester, including multiple benchmarks and the ever popular Algebra 1 EOC exam.  We’re going to jump right in this semester, starting with exponential functions and polynomial operations.

Monday- Section 6.3- Exponential Functions

Tuesday- Section 6.4- Exponential Growth and Decay

Wednesday- Section 7.1- Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Thursday- Section 7.2- Multiplying Polynomials

Friday- Section 7.2, continued